Our Resort

The Myth

Thermissia is a small traditional village lies by the sea of Ermionida County in Peloponnese. In this beautiful village adored the Goddess Thermassia Dimitra from which it took its name. Thermassia or Thermissia means a warm place and an early farmed place in rural cultures.

Makis was born on the most beautiful beach of this place.

Makis was a charismatic and hospitable man who, as everyone witnesses, had a magical way of winning the people. A guy with stubbornness and smile, a gentleman who loved fun, a man of gossip and laughter.

Makis called this beautiful beach "Heart of Thermassia" and sounds logical since the myth says that in the warm and clear waters of this beach Goddess was taking her bath in a daily basis.

His children still remember Makis saying: "I want the heart of Thermassia start beating again!"

Having this dream, Makis began to plant pines as a symbol of eternal life, along the beach, in order to give breath and air to the place.

At the same time planted thousands of olive trees and pomegranates as symbols of power, wisdom and fertility.

The heart of Thermassia started beating again and since 2004 is a beautiful multi-dimensional area where Maki’s wife and children completed his dream by building it.

Until today, Makis Inn Resort, as it was named honorary, works in the memory of the inspired husband and father.

Nelly, wife of Makis, the sons Yiannis and Nikos and his daughter Vicky formed a very hospitable multi-activity location. Being always at the disposal of the guests, offering dreamy and unforgettable accommodation services.

The Resort

Makis Inn provides the perfect combination of natural beauty and verdant environment with a friendly and warm hospitality inspired by the resorts' owners.

The beautiful sandy beach called "Assado" just steps away is also equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas free of charge only for the hotels' visitors. At the "Assado" beach bar, guests can enjoy cool refreshments, coffee and a variety of cocktails all day long. Recreational activities include beach volley and beach tennis. In addition, the Hydra Diving Center is only 15 minutes away from the hotel by boat, providing scuba lessons for new or experienced divers.

The resort features extensive agricultural activities since the family produces several goods such as olive oil, fruits, vegetables and other tasteful delicacies.

Photos: G. Lizardos | Web: 10 DESIGN