In an idyllic scenery under the stars, a breath away from the sea shore, in the beautiful setting of the Makis Fish Cuisine restaurant, your summer moments are framed by superb Greek melodies. The owners of Makis Inn Resort, the graduate bouzouki musician Yannis Korontinis, and his brother the percussionist musician Nikos Korontinis offers to their guests unique nights of music. The beautiful nights at Makis Inn Resort are transformed into unforgettable, unique moments where they are "dressed" with the melodies of live music. Upon concert, wonderful music nights could be organized just for our guests.


Makis Inn Resort offers music enthusiasts the opportunity to attend musical instrument courses of Greek traditional Bouzouki by the owner of Makis Inn Resort Yannis Korontinis, a graduate musician and master of the bouzouki, a student of the Greek composer-musician Thanassis Polykandriotis.

The courses are always adapted to the needs of the student by combining entertainment with practicality and providing a very pleasant and exciting learning experience.

Photos: G. Lizardos | Web: 10 DESIGN