Each year, for decades, on Easter Sunday night, it revives the custom of "Yuda", at the main harbor of Ermioni, 8km away from Makis Inn Resort. Preparations begin in the Holy Week, where the members of the Ermioni Fishermen Society, create with passion and imagination, the “Yuda” effigy from straw, fabric, wood, flammable materials and crackers. They hang it on a specially designed floating platform, which is located offshore in the northern port. After the ecclesiastics in local churches, a crowd of people flips to the harbor to watch the burning of the “Yuda” from the boats arrive from Bisti. The spectacle is impressive as hundreds of fireworks illuminate the sky!


Every year, at the end of June, at the port of Hydra, 7.5 nautical miles across from Makis Inn Resort, Admiral’s Andreas Miaoulis and other local navalists great admirers celebrate their bid for the Liberation Struggle of the Nation. Celebratory events last about two weeks and include a variety of activities, artistic events, exhibitions and concerts. The peak of the event is the representation of the Battle including the burning of the Turkish Flagship, closing the ceremony with the burning of fireworks on the last day of the events.


Each year, on the second Saturday of September, at the port of Spetses, 28 km from Makis Inn Resort, the representation of the Battle of Spetses, one of the most important events of the 1821 revolution, takes place. The festive events include painting exhibitions, music and dancing events, cannibals and many other surprises. The peak of the event is the representation of the Battleship and the burning of a Turkish flagship, while simultaneously all historical events presented, while burning fireworks and firecrackers.



Every year, on the last Sunday in January, at the square of the village of Thermissia, 500 meters away from Makis Inn Resort, the Pancake Celebration Day is celebrated to mark the end of the olive oil period and the high quality virgin olive oil of Thermissia. It is a unique festival, full of music, dance and traditional tastes from the village's local women.


On the last weekend of October, in the port of Ermioni, 8 km from Makis Inn Resort, the Pomegranate Festival is held annually in honor of the renowned local product. Along with the feast, cycling takes place along a path through the pomegranate trees to the beautiful Katafyki Canyon where it ends. This beautiful feast accompanied by music, dancing, pastries, pudding, all prepared by professionals and housewives in the area.


The olive oil festival takes place in Kranidi, 18 km distance from Makis Inn Resort, in honor of olives and olive oil. The celebration is framed by speeches about the benefits of pure olive oil, where visitors are able to visit the kiosks with local products and freshly prepared delicacies. The festival is beautiful event where visitors can dance and taste delicious Greek flavors.

Photos: G. Lizardos | Web: 10 DESIGN