Korontini’s Farm located in the area of Thermissia and is known for the production of excellent quality olive oil, high in polyphenols that are known as miraculous antioxidants substances of olive oil.

At Korontini’s Farm guests have the opportunity to follow closely all stages of olive oil production processing. More specifically (from September 15 to October 30) can participate on:

  • Harvesting and collecting the olives with mild mechanical means.
  • The processing of olives and the production of olive oil in a local olive press.
  • The packaging - standardization of olive oil in a local olive press by the Agricultural Cooperative Thermasia Dimitra, in which the owners of Makis Inn Resort are founding members.

Program “My Olive Tree”

Guests can also attend the program “My Olive Tree”, which has been created for them, aiming of creating environmental awareness and olive tree education.

Participating in “My Olive Tree” Program in Makis Inn Resort guests have the unique opportunity to take care for 3 years an olive tree that they will choose among the thousands of the estate. The trees choosen will “belong” to them for this specific period. A tag with their name and their environmental message will decorate the olive they have choosen. They will receive 2.5 liters of excellent olive oil from the olive oil production of their own olive oil tree. The participation in the program starts with a fee per tree of your choice.


The excellent quality and peculiarity of the Ermioni’s Pomegranate gives the pomegranate juice its special flavor. A taste of sweet and not stiff, as is customary, since the fruit is large and compassionate. Ermioni’s Pomegranate is a rich fruit in antioxidant and nutrients, with unique characteristics not found in other varieties of pomegranate. For thοse particular characteristics, Pomegranate of Ermioni recognized by the EU as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

At Korontini’s Farm guests can taste the unique fruit of pomegranate and it’s freshly savored delicious juice. Being at Korontini’s Farm from 30 September to 30 October guests could experience the procedure harvesting of pomegranates and producing fresh juice.

Photos: G. Lizardos | Web: 10 DESIGN